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The study on the effect of crystal size and BAS location on the product distribution and lifetime of zeolite shows that internal BAS within the micropore is key to activation of the methanol to hydrocarbon, and the reduction of crystal size and the generation of mesopores of zeolite promote the selectivity of propylene as well as the lifetime of zeolite. More by Zhijie Wu.

More by Kaiqiang Zhao. More by Yan Zhang.

The origin of the piezoelectric effect in pyroelectric crystals.

More by Tao Pan. More by Shaohui Ge.

More by Yana Ju. More by Tianshu Li. More by Tao Dou.

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Semiconducting Single Crystals Comprising Segregated Arrays of Complexes of C60

The frequencies of transverse and longitudinal optical modes, damping constants and oscillator strengths were also evaluated. By replacing light selenium anions by heavier tellurium ones in Ag 3 Ga 5 Se 9 crystal and by substitution of light gallium cations by heavier indium ones in Ag 3 Ga 5 Te 9 crystal all the bands shift towards low frequencies.

The bands observed in IR spectra of studied crystals were assigned to various vibration types valence and valence-deformation. Crystal structure and atomic composition ratio of the constituent elements in Ag 3 Ga 5 Se 9 , Ag 3 Ga 5 Te 9 and Ag 3 In 5 Te 9 crystals were revealed by structural characterization techniques of X-ray diffraction and energy dispersive spectroscopy.

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