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Show notes. Here's a quick quiz for you You're most likely to open it if the person says: a. I just backed into your car outside. Where to hide home defense weapons for a fast-action counterattack!

Insurance Regulation: Danger at the Door

Counter-ambush tactics for close-quarters "fatal funnels"! A fast and easy "home defense drill" you can use TODAY to be better prepared against a violent home invasion! Still, safety specialists and plaintiffs' lawyers say some big chains and other businesses have done too little to reduce the risks. No federal agency keeps figures on such accidents.

But a FairWarning review of news reports from early April through early April found that at least 16 customers, employees or other bystanders were killed in accidental crashes into store buildings or adjacent property. At least others were hurt, seriously, during the period. The figures are certainly an undercount, since not all of the accidents make the news. Few communities have adopted laws requiring safety barriers. The only advocacy group pushing hard for action is the Storefront Safety Council.

It was co-founded by Mark Wright , a freelance writer from Rockville, Md.

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He ended up with a badly injured knee that required months of recuperation, including stays in two nursing homes. While he was idled, Wright started investigating storefront crashes.

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Although he tracks news stories about storefront crashes — and provided published accounts to FairWarning — Reiter maintains that the vast majority of the accidents are never publicly disclosed. He projects that there may be as many as 20, crashes into commercial and municipal buildings or adjacent property a year in the U. Court documents confirm that big retail chains often are struck. Records from a suit against 7-Eleven show that the chain suffered more than 1, accidents in involving vehicles that jumped over the concrete aprons in front of stores.

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Officials of 7-Eleven did not respond to email or phone requests for comment. Discover practical risk management tips, insight on important case law and be the first to receive important news regarding IRMI products and events. Request Demo Demo. Home Expert Commentary. Insurance Regulation: Danger at the Door.

Danger on the doors: Bodily risk in a demonised occupation: Health, Risk & Society: Vol 5, No 1

Peter Polstein. Office of National Insurance Let's step back for a moment to the fall of , when the House committee on insurance had passed a bill to reregulate the individual state regulators on what they perceived was the inability to manage the insurance industry in or out of systemic risk.

Solvency II—The Same Path, but in a Different Direction Strangely, the European Union which has been infighting for the past 4 years in its attempt to solidify and execute Solvency II, has come to an understanding of the needs in the monitoring of the industry and the non-core activities. The five points on which they agreed were: Put in principle-based supervision of insurance groups to assess and find excess derivative activities.

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Strengthen liquidity risk management and address any potential for the mismanagement of short-term lending. Place significant emphasis on the regulation of financial guarantee insurance whose business model is totally different from traditional coverage. Establish micro assessment and monitoring with the assurance of insurance company representation. Having learned from the financial crisis, build a more secure practice to alleviate past indiscretions. Conclusion It is not time for our domestic industry to provide full-fledged professional monitoring of all financial activities, as well as regulatory issues, though the utilization of both independent and professional people taking the place of what is now state regulatory personnel.

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